Python is an interpreted scripting language used on many platforms and currently. It become the famous popular language in machine learning, web applications and so many other things.

Python is a very easy written syntax, helps the real users to learn it fast, it just looks like you writing a text without operators, and quick dynamic translating.

The following Python code is a small script to print a simple sentence.

print("Hello World")

As you saw in the previous example, it is so easy and similar to the common texts. The thing like you writing a message to someone else.

In the following sections you will see an overview for Python syntax.

Actually, you can use the standard module libraries like math, sys and some other defined libraries. We are already planning to add more Python libraries in the future.

Anyway, Python can be used in the following stages

  • Machine Learning.
  • Web Applications.
  • Scripting and Dynamics.
  • Software Prototype and Testing.
  • Data Analysis
  • And so many others, there are new updates every day.

There is no restriction on the beginning or end of a document or semi-colon at end of the code line like in some other languages. It only has indentation rules.

Also, the document just has to end with a “py” extension.

There are some paradoxes with the other languages. The indentation already defines a space at the beginning of the block for the code. but there are no curly braces or something like that.

Check the following example for the “if” statement.

if 10 == 8: 
   print( "it's not correct" )