PHP Logical Operators

The PHP logical operators are operands that can be used to check two or more expressions together. For examples ( AND, OR, XOR, NOT, ||, &&, ! ). And they would return a true or false as a logic or a boolean value. As we mentioned here, the logical or boolean data type is printed

PHP Enumerable

Actually, the PHP enumerable is a new feature of 8.1 which allows you to define a new type. This feature seems like you define a PHP class, but it seems to method. For an example Definitely, in the previous example, I defined my new type as a “Cars”. But how to access it? Anyway, In

PHP AND Operator

The PHP AND (&&) operator is one of the PHP logical operators. Used to return a true boolean value if all compared values have true boolean results. Before getting started, you have to read more about the PHP data types tutorial and the type juggling. The AND (&&) operator can be written as “&&” or

PHP Constant

The PHP constant expression is a name or an identifier which will never change its values during the script execution. The PHP constant can be defined with the predefined PHP function called – ”define()”. There are some points that have to be considered during writing the PHP constants. The PHP constant should be written in

PHP Null

PHP null refers to no value that can be assigned to the PHP variable or as direct no value. On the other hand, is_null() function used to check if current value has no value or no. The no value can be assigned to the PHP variable like in the below code example. Anyway, if we

XOR Operator

In this tutorial, you will understand the PHP XOR operator. And going to dive more into some of PHP types through this operator with PHP code examples. Let’s get started with the concept explanation. The PHP xor operator is one of the PHP logical operators. It is used to merge two boolean results in the

Operator Precedence

The PHP operator precedence refers to when doing a calculation for three or more numbers, they are calculating its values according to the priority. For example, 10 + 10 × 2, the result is 30 and not 40. That will lead us to explain the reasons in the following sections. The PHP operator precedence, like

PHP Iterable

The first appearance of PHP iterable was in PHP version ( 7.1 ) – It is the word that can be defined in the for loop or for each. it accepts arrays or objects and it can be used as a PHP data type – Or in another definition, The iterable is everything that can

PHP Callable

The PHP callable or callback refers to the function that accepts another function callback in the parameter. Which is executing the code when calling the main function. In this tutorial, we will focus on the user function callback. How to pass the function as a parameter to another function, execute the functions in the class,

Install PHP

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install PHP Server on Windows, Linux, and macOS. And install MySQL and PHPStorm IDE of PHP Applications. PHP is a scripting open-source language created to develop web applications. There are over 50 million domains in the world that are based on PHP and that makes it the