Substr_replace and Substr

In this article, you will learn how to use PHP to remove the last character from a string. Also, you will be able to replace it with another char using some of the PHP predefined functions such as substr_replace and substr. The PHP string is a list of characters quotes with single or double quotations

PHP Null

The meaning of the PHP null is no value that has been assigned to the PHP variable or a direct no value. and to check this value you have to use the built-in PHP function is_null. Let’s see the syntax of the PHP null. So if we need to define a no value with a

PHP Resource

In this tutorial, I will explain what does mean the PHP resource and we are going to cover all PHP examples regarding this concept to be easily understandable. Anyway, the PHP resource is referring to all external accesses which are all external resources that have information or data needed to be manipulated through the main

What is PHP? How to Write Your First PHP Program

In this tutorial, you will learn what PHP is, and how to write your first PHP program with this programming language. Also, I will expose the phases of the Zend Engine, especially the PHP lexical token with an example. On the other hand, you will learn also the differences between – The interpreter and the

PHP Iterable

The first appearance of PHP iterable was in PHP version ( 7.1 ) – It is the word that can be defined in the for loop or for each. it accepts arrays or objects and it can be used as a PHP data type – Or in another definition, The iterable is everything that can

SQL Server Bulk Insert

In this article, you will learn how to insert more than a million records into the SQL server database table. Also, you will understand how to use the SQL bulk insert command, and import a big file of data using c# and procedure – just pay attention during the reading. Basically, SQL Server bulk insert

PHP Callable

The PHP callable or callback refers to the function that accepts another function callback in the parameter. Which is executing the code when calling the main function. In this tutorial, we will focus on the user function callback. How to pass the function as a parameter to another function, execute the functions in the class,

PHP Object

The PHP object is an instance from the PHP class or the main data structure that is already been created by the PHP class. It can be assigned to a variable or called with $this that already refers to an individual object. In another word, the PHP object is an instance from a kind of