This is a free online PHP compiler that helps you to run your PHP code. With an editor tool that helps you to see the error of your PHP syntax during the writing.



PHP Overview

PHP is a server-side and interpreted language that has a high performance and power deliverable. There are over 50 million domains around the world that are based on PHP and that make it the first and the most popular web application language.

PHP is a scripting language created to develop interactive and dynamic web pages; this language is written in c++ the high-level programming language.

   echo "Hello World!";

The Zend Engine Overview

Zend Engine is the name of the PHP interpreter. In this program, the PHP source code takes four phases to be translated and get the final result. In this section, I will show you these stages from the top.

If you need to know more about Zend Engine, you have to read more about the What is PHP tutorial.

The following list shows you how PHP Interpreter works.

  1. The lexical analysis receives the PHP source code from the server and produces the list of tokens.
  2. The second phase is the parser, which creates the Zend Engine VM to manipulate the tokens.
  3. Based on the compilation process, the AST is generated and produces the operation codes.
  4. The executor creates an array of the instructions and then starts to read and execute the lines.

In the next paragraph, we will discuss how to use the free online PHP compiler of the codedtag.

How to Use our Free Online PHP Compiler

Anyway, it is so easy to use the editor. Just start to write the PHP code in the editor and then click on the run button.

If you are using a mobile device or a small screen, you will see two tabs, one for the editor and the second one for the preview.

You will only have to write in the editor tab, then run it and watch the result in the preview tab.